How it Works

            In every Hybeasts, there are two souls; one human and the other animal. When a Hybeasts uses Wild Magic, their animal soul becomes stronger. They then turn into their full animal form. It doesn't completely overpower their human soul. This magic is only used for a limited time unitl the animal soul starts to fatigue, and the human soul becomes too weak. This form of magic is only taught to adult Hybeasts. They must be accepted into the Guild of Furs to learn. The Guild of Furs are basically the overseers of the magic in Merdia. They educate those who want to learn Wild Magic.

          There are rules for the magic. If you use your Wild Magic for evil intentions (murder, pillaging, etc.), you will have your fur cut off. Fur is not cut off for those who know Wild Magic, as it makes one stronger. Hybeasts who don’t learn do trim their fur. Another rule (more of a guideline) is that one has to be aware of their soul’s energy. If the human soul becomes too weak as the animal soul is stronger, they will die.

              Non-Hybeasts are allowed to learn the magic. The only difference is that they must kill an animal and sacrifice it for their animal soul. The ritual does not need other Hybeasts present. They do not become Hybeasts. Instead of fur, it is the hair on their head.