Vulon is the main city of Merdia. Everything governing, maintaing, and securing Merdia is done here in the city. Important places, such as the House of Howls, Merdia's Trading Post, border, and more is found in Vulon. A little over half of Merdia's population resides in Vulon. The only type of hybeasts that don't reside in Vulon are Fitsu. 

Vulon started because there were no places for hybeasts to properly govern their society. There were just villages. Then, a group of Moine had the idea to create Vulon. They believed it would help them gain respect from other people if they could start a civilized city. And so, they did. Vulon lies right on the border wall of Merdia. 

Landmarks/Points of Interest Edit


All of Vulon's trading is done in the Marketplace, located a short distance from the border wall. It is also right next ot Merdia's Trading post, where any trading done outside the nation is done. Hunters who go out into the Hollow Woods bring back whatever they can from their hunt to merchangts in the Marketplace. Many different kinds of vendors are found here. 

House of Howls Edit

This is the capital building of Merdia. The King, as well as the Court of Claws, govern and maintain Merdia here. All important matters dealing with Merdia are done here. The Spirit Hall is also found here. It is always open to anyone needing praryer and guidance from the Tail of Faith or from the Gods. 

Ragshire AlleyEdit

Named after the infamous criminal, Ragshire Alley is home to Vulon's secret group of criminals. Illegal trading, fights, and other activity is done here. Most criminals have found to be Kitsumi's and Inushi's. The illusiveness of both hybeasts make it very hard to hunt down who are criminals and who are not.