It is forbidden to ever use Skin Magic. It is a ritual where a Hybeast sacrifices another Hybeast to acquire their human soul. When they have that soul, they become a full human. It can go weary. If the person doing the ritual already has both souls weak with grief, dread, or any other emotions, they will die. Both human and animal souls must be strong enough. 

How It Works Edit

The ritual takes place at midnight. A great fire is started from the wood in the Hollow Woods. At least one Hybeast of each animal must be present during the ritual. The sacrificed victim is tied up and put into a large metal pot with water from the Spirit Lake. As they Hybeasts beat on hollow logs, the pot is put over the fire. When the water begins to boil, the victim starts to dissolve, releasing their souls. The two souls leave the victim, and released into the night. Each Hybeast, with the exception of the one becoming human, use their Soul Staff's to capture. They essentially direct the human soul into the Hybeast becoming human. From their, that Hybeast's two souls react to the new human soul. If both of them are strong enough to handle it, the animal soul will disappear. If their souls are weak, they will die. The two human souls become one, making them human.

After the ritual, they cannot become a Hybeast. Their animal soul will never return to them. The ritual cannot be reversed. The body has already endured enough to lose one soul and gain another. If they try to redo the ritual they will die.