Ordinary, bland, heroic, pathetic. These are some terms often given to humans. This world is no different in that regard. Humans vary from place to place. In the kingdom of Asteil they're thieving and racist criminals who founded a kingdom with dwarves based on that belief. Humans don't have any special talents other than the ability to adapt to pretty much anything. In the kingdom of Lumuxia the elves see the humans as equals in every way. There is even a human with a seat on the Queens Council.



Thick skinned, hot headed, and they have a general dislike towards everyone, mostly elves. They are excellent craftsmen and a renowned for their incredible abilities to forge weapons and armor. Dwarves also run the mines in the nation of Asteil, as well as split rule of the kingdom along with the humans.


Elves are very easy going, and easy to get along with. For some reason they do not like Dwarves. They are pretty similar to typical elves, however they strongly believe that women should be in charge and that they are able to make better decisions then men.