Magic in ZalbrochEdit

Magic hadn't always existed in Zalbroch. Decades before the formation of the three nations a meteor fell into the atmosphere and shattered into three small pieces and a fourth larger piece. This is now called the Falling. The three smaller pieces landed in a place now ruled by each of the three nations. The fourth piece landed in the center of the continent in the mountains, causing a great rift. This rift unleashed magic into the world and changed everything, for better or for worse. This rift was fought over for a long time as when people were near it, their magic power was increased greatly and required less sacrafice. Eventually a pact was made between the three nations and a fortress built in the mountains where the rift had formed. Several elders from each nation was tasked with watching over it. After magic had begun spreading creatures began to change. Some of them becoming magical beasts, others becoming daemons to be feared at night.

Soul MagicEdit

Soul magic was discovered when several people discovered they were drawn to the small meteor that landed on an island in Asteil. The meteor spoke to them about their soul and convinced them to seperate it into a seperate object, creating the first soul mages. A tower was build around the meteor by these first soul mages to protect the meteor and worship it's teachings. It is here that all soul magic training begins.

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