Nation Lumuxia
Area 50 sq mi
Settled TBD
Elevation 90 ft - 300 ft
Population 86,000

80% Elves
15% Humans
5% Dwarves
>.5% Hybeasts

Languages Zalbrochian, Elven, Dwarven

Luxarna is a relatively safe city to live in. Even though there is a lower class, the lower class in Luxarna is like no other. Those there are given great opportunity to move up in ranking. This is why the middle class in the city is so large. Even the upper class is rather large.

It is the home to the merchant and farming guilds. The city also houses one of the best education systems in the nation.

Class System Edit

The Upper District houses the majority of the nobles in Lumuxia. Most of the royal family also lives here. The district houses the College de Lumir. It also houses the Shrine of the light.

The Royal Palace is majorly located in the upper district, although part of the palace is located in the middle district.

One of the beliefs of those in Luxarna is that anyone can rise or fall within the city. Some Dwarves have even made it to the Upper District.

The Lower class is mostly humans and dwarves.

Schooling Edit

Schooling is very important in Lumuxia. All children are required to attend the School de Lumir. Less then one eighth of the students move on the the College de Lumir. The other students end up taking apprenticeships or just begin working.