Many are born with the ability to do lunar solar (luso) magic, it is referred to “having the light”. However, it is very difficult to master so very few take the time to learn. Those who don’t take the time to learn still have the ability to do very simple spells. So most born with the light are usually never master it. Those who do attempt to master luso are able to do very complicated and powerful spells. In order to cast these spells one needs to perform and say intricate hand motions and chants. Simpler spells are cast with single words and a simple hand motion.

There are stories of few people in the world that are able to cast more complicated spells with little practice and without the motions and chants. None of these stories have been proven to be true, but the elders prophesize that these fabled magic users will one day fight each other in a great war over good and evil. They are unsure which side will be victorious, but they fear for the state of Zalbroch in the aftermath.

Those who have the ability to use luso magic have something very interesting happen to them during solar and lunar eclipses. Rings around their pupils glow bright blue. This is how parents find out if their children have the light within them. This is why it is referred to having the light

Luso magic does not appear to be hereditary, although it is possible for parents with the light to also have children with the light. It is thought that the light is random. Some believe that only those worthy possess the light.

Those who possess the light are able to use other forms of magic, however they have a difficulty using them.