Magical BeastsEdit

Aegis- A mythical and truly legendary beast. Who's skin is said to resemble that of the night sky above. This creature is incredibly rare but it's said that it's skin can be used in the creation of incredibly powerful weapons and armor.

Rakor - A very sneaky creature that is made entirely of stone. It hides itself in brooks, caves, mountains, and many   more. Though nobody has ever been attacked by one, people have had their items stolen from these creatures. Nobody is sure why they steal. They can also change the kinds of stone they are depending on the area they are in.   



Celesties - A humanoid creature. They are much smaller than humans of Zalbroch. They're average height is around a foot tall, but their proportions and color schemes are also similar to humans. Their eyes are pure white and have a glow to them. However they do not have the intelligence of humans, but their intelligence is more like that of a monkey. They can be found living in forests jumping through the trees. 

Arkfoul - A long necked, winged creature. Arkfouls are particular violent towards anyone around them. Mostly found in Merdia, Arkfouls stay high the trees. They are found in Asteil as well. Travellers should always keep an eye towards the sky when travelling. 


Demonic BeastsEdit

Ignis - A "boss" monster that dwarfs villages in his size. He is made entirely of fire and molten rock and his swing is powerful enough to wipe out the toughest of foes. He can only be summoned when enough people have been sacraficed to his sleeping core in the Tomb of Ignis.

Milos - A goo like monster that consumes souls and can change it's appearance based on the souls it has consumed. If enough are consumed it can transform into a humanoid form that is identical to humans/elves/dwarves/hybeasts. Soul mages and reapers can consume their souls to increase their own and vice versa.

Holmargor - It is the size of a grown dwarf's head, but it is one of the most hostile demons that has come out of the Rift. It is normally found in Asteil. It's small size gives it great speed when attacking enemies. It also a lot of energy, which means it it constantyly moving around to find victims. 


Almutri - Almutri live in lakes and rivers around Zalbroch. They bury themselves deep in the water so nobody can see them at the surface. When they attack, they come out of their hiding to bite with their great jaws. Once they attatch themselves to a victim, it is incredibly hard to get them off.